Running By Design

I’m so happy to be finally running again! I thought my knees would prevent me from ever enjoying that exercise again.

When I last wrote about it, I thought I’d need more cushion to run again.

In fact, I needed less cushion, but more knowledge. I needed to learn to run correctly, and I can thank NPR (and other news outlets) and a coworker who recently passed the 4,000-mile mark for bringing this to my attention.

Ultimately, though, it’s all thanks to how the human body was designed to run.

We’re not designed to land on our heels when we run. The heel-toe running stride damages our joints.

We’re designed to land on our forefoot while running: this webpage seems to give a comprehensive overview of the subject and the four videos are revealing, though I recommend minimal footwear instead of none: Running Barefoot: Training Tips.

Enough about that; here’s a great photo of me and “Diva” from our Indiana Central Canal visit last year:

Dan and Diva with Indianapolis canal in background
“Indianapolis’ Beautiful Canal”
by Stranger | 2 October 2011

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  1. Benita Plummer Says:

    I want to get your dad running some- he used to love to run and be good at it!
    love, mom

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