Armed + Dangerous Diva

I wasn’t the only one to pose with the reproductions in the Brooks Museum’s Armed + Dangerous: Art of the Arsenal exhibit. Diva posed, too.

Diva wearing reproduction Greek helmet at the Brooks Museum
“Helmeted Greek Diva”
by Dan | 11 November 2011

Yes, yes, technically this was the kids’ section of the exhibit, but since this was the members-only reception on opening night, we had unrestricted access (read: “no kids in the way”) to the hands-on portion of the displays.

Diva and I always enjoy the kids’ area of museum exhibits. While the rest of the museum might have camera restrictions, the kids’ area is an exception, and even if you don’t snap any memorable photos, you can usually create some work of art based on the current exhibit to take home.

That reminds me, somewhere around here I have one or two postcards I created while we were at the Dixon Gallery and Garden’s Jean-Louis Forain exhibit this summer. That collection is amazing and deserves an entire blog entry or two of its own.

Current mood: Full. But I might run out to grab some of those new, free-today-only French fries from Burger King and develop some photos of our summer grill-out party.

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  1. Benita Plummer Says:

    Next time you come visit, we can visit the Fraizier Historical Museum in Louisville, they have weapons and armor. We can take some more photos for your armed and dangerous blog!

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