Get Started

So you want to bet or gamble online?

Whether you’re an experienced player or if you are new to online gaming betting and would like to learn more on how to place a sports bet or play casino style games, then you have landed in the right place! Here at Foozoo, we’re happy to guide you through the process of betting or gambling online.

• Go to and register – you will require ID and a payment method - with your favourite online betting site.

• Deposit funds into your account

• Look for any bonuses you may be entitled to – please see our Bonuses page where we explain the different types of bonuses that you may be entitled to.

• Go to the sports betting or casino page and find your favourite sports event or casino game, click on it and start to play.

• If it’s sports you’re after, once you have reached the sports betting page, you can review the available bets and betting odds available for your chosen event well before placing a bet.

• Choose your bet and decide how much stake you wish to put on that particular event or game.

• Once you’re satisfied, submit your bet and keep up to date with what is happening in the game, to see if you win or not!