Safer Gambling

If you have played at an online casino or sports book before , you may have already seen or come across terms such as Safer Gambling anti-money laundering (AML), KYC or responsible Gaming and wonder what it is all about..

Contrary to popular belief, operators of online casinos and betting sites actually do care about their customers - if they didn’t, they would soon be out of business. Additionally, because there is money involved, there are a lot of laws that they need to comply with to ensure that the industry remains a safe one that criminal elements cannot use for illicit gains.

Additionally, there is a very small percentage of those who take part where there is a concern that gambling might be addictive or harmful and who need our help. for a very small percentage of people who play.

Collectively, we refer to these subjects as ‘Safer Gambling’ and, in the following pages we will explain more about what these are and how we deal with them.

anti-money laundering

Know Your Customer

Responsible Gaming

problem gambling